Secondary Interest


Thank you for your interest in our PCS Secondary Program. Our prayers are with your family as you seek the Lord in this important decision of educating your child. If you have any further questions and/or you would like to make an appointment, please feel free to call me.


Barry Batson, Administrator
Kathy Davies, Campus & Admissions Administrator
Brenda Jameson, Finance Administrator



What is unique about our PCS Secondary Program?

Disciplined Learning:  Your student will be led by professionally skilled teachers on the “School Days on Campus” and then be put to task on the “School Days at home” which will require disciplined study habits, good time management and a willingness to be accountable to the “Parent Teacher.” The “Parent Teacher” must be willing to commit the proper time during the “School Days at home” to oversee, teach your student in areas of weakness (or hire a tutor), administer tests, and be an accountability partner in completing and turning work in on a timely basis. It is vital to stay on task with our schedule. Completing each school day, “Campus” and “Home” is vital to the success of our learning environment.  Our schedule has helped our students prepare for college and has given them the disciplined skill sets needed to be successful at the next level!!

Enhanced Academics:  Our schedule and curriculum will earn your student a College Preparatory Diploma. Our track for 9-12th will meet general requirements for most College Entrance requirements and the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. For specific College Entrance requirements, it is recommended to visit the website for the school of interest. PCS also affiliates with SCF, FLVS and accepts home educated credits to help our students reach their goals, pursue their interests and develop their talents. 7th and 8th grade classes are designed to prepare your student for High School and offer general study classes (except 8th grade students take Algebra 1 Honors for a high school credit). Please note that PCS does not give credit for grades below 70%.  Our goal at PCS is to achieve high academic standards and properly prepare your student for Post-High School.

Friendly and Respectful Campus Community:  PCS has the unique opportunity of having all grades; K-4 to 12th, on campus.  Adhering to dress codes and discipline standards are very important in setting a good example for the younger students and our Host Church. (See Mrs. Jameson if you would like to see our Student Handbook) Our campus and smaller class sizes promote community and developing interpersonal relationships among all grades. Our heart is for each student to grow in loving Christ, their brothers and sisters in Christ and to seek out God’s plan for their lives.  PCS promotes Courtships (friendships in high school) vs. Dating and encourages group activities throughout High School.

Extra Curricular:  Friday Worship, Monthly Chapels, Enrichment Clubs, Field Trips, Spirit Day for middle school, Spiritual Emphasis Weekend for high school, Junior Getaway, and our Senior trip are among our many highlighted events during the year. PCS does not have a sports program, but works with other organizations; see Mrs. Jameson for more details.  We care about the whole student; social, spiritual and academics!! God Bless.